Qlima Gas Heater GH1062RF

Qlima Gas Heater GH1062RF


Qlima Gas Heater GH1062RF

Electric heater for rapid heating,

Easily transportable gas heater QLIMA GH 1062 RF can warm up to 32 square feet of space.

Heater has several safety features such as emergency stop, safety system in the event of capsizing, guard against overheating, ODS safety system for measuring the concentration of oxygenvprostoru that heater off at under-ventilated area, and combustion quality sensor.


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Product Specification

Heating capacity max (W) 4200
Heating capacity min (W) 1400
Suitable heating capacity max (m²) 32 + 25
Suitable heating capacity max (m³) 90+ 65
Suitable heating capacity min (m²) 27
Suitable heating capacity min (m³) 68
Tank capacity (kg) 11
Gas consumption (kg/h) 0.300
Gas consumption min. (kg/h) 0.139


Security Protection against overheating, combustion quality sensor, guard against overturning, ODS safety device for measuring the concentration of oxygen in the room
Features ODS safety system for measuring CO concentrations in the room, Piezo electric lighter