Pizza Stone for Weber Q Range

Pizza Stone for Weber Q Range

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Perfect for cooking pizza, bread and desserts. Simply close the lid and you'll get great results!


Perfect for cooking pizza, bread and desserts. Simply close the lid and you’ll get great results!

Suitable for use on gas, charcoal, electric grills, or in the oven.

The new Weber pizza stone is made of cordierite. Cordierite is found in nature as a gemstone. It is ideal because of its excellent thermal properties for grilling and baking.

The pizza tray supplied is made of aluminum and can be used as a baking sheet, then it is advisable to use baking paper. Otherwise, the Pizza is located directly on the stone.


Pizza Grill!

First, preheat your grill with the pizza stone at peak performance, about 300 C. Knead the dough about 10 minutes. And roll it out on a good gemehltem board for pizza dough.

The dough blank short side about 2 minutes. On the pizza stone Angrillen, remove the dough and turn and show it on the attached grilled side. Then slide the garnished pizza back on the pizza stone and cook about 5-7 minutes.

So your pizza is perfect.


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A small stone has a diameter of 26 cm and weighs 1.19 kg. It is suitable for all charcoal grills from 47 cm, ie the models with the slightly smaller grill surface, and the gas grills from Weber¸ QTM 100. The pizza stone is ideal for baking pizza, bread and desserts separately.