Airforce Gemini Island Extractor Hood – Black

Airforce Gemini Island Extractor Hood – Black


Airforce Gemini Island Extractor Hood – Black

Key Features:

  • Max air flow:  800 m3/h
  • Control:  Touch display with independent control of the 2 motors + sync function
  • 4 speeds (3 + 1 intensive) For each motor.
  • Grease and Charcoal filter saturation indicator Timer
  • Lamps:  2 x 9W Led bar
  • Size:  90×40 cm
  • Finish:  Black painted steel
  • Filters:  Washable grease filters Charcoal filters included

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Airforce Gemini Island Extractor Hood – Black


Washable grease Filters

All our grease filters can be washed for a perfect cleaning, keeping their performance constant in time.

Progressive touch control

A light sliding touch on the sensitive PTC (Progressive Touch Control) control panel allows to set the kitchen hood speed from 1 to 10 in a very easy way.


These kitchen hoods are equipped with a display that makes the use easier by showing the operating speed, the saturation of the filters or the timer, if in use.

Energy saving

Thanks to technologies that Airforce has developed especially for our engines and lighting systems these kitchen hoods systems have high performances and very low energy consumption.

Filter change

The indicator of saturation of the grease filters and of the active charcoal filters alerts the user of the need to clean or replace them, allowing to keep the exhaustion of the kitchen hood system at excellent levels.


The unique LED lighting developed by Airforce combines very high performance of lighting with the low power consumption: less than 90% compared to a traditional lamp and with a lifetime of over 20,000 hours.

Stainless Steel Grease Filter

The stainless steel grease filter gives an aesthetic appeal to the kitchen hood and a long-lasting and high filtering capacity; the grease filter can be washed in the dishwasher for a perfect cleaning, maintaining its performance constant in time.

Double Air Inlet

The kitchen hood types with the double air inlet surface have one or more additional grease filters located in the lower part, turned towards the cooking top. This system maximizes the performance of the kitchen hood, even at the lower speeds.

Activated Charcoal Filter

These kitchen hood types are equipped from the very beginning with special activated charcoal filters to absorb odors, necessary for installation in fltering mode.